War of the 9 Realms


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It is Ragnarok, the end of all things.  One final battle to decide who continues and who is destroyed. Gather your family and friends together and see who is the greatest Realm, resolve your issues with Hammer and Axe. Bring your Realms greatest Champions and win.  Be the last ruler standing or fill the Blood Cauldron with the sanguine fluid of your enemies.

War of the 9 Realms is a tile based tactical skirmish game based on the Realms of Norse Mythology. Each realm is comprised of unique Norse characters and their wondrous abilities. The game allows you to pit these against each other in a bid to claim total victory. The victors will reshape the World in their own form.

Each Realm has a choice of Heroic or Epic play styles that focus on either raw power or tactical advantage. Heroic has simple abilities but is harder hitting. Epic adds advanced abilities and lore based content. Overall the game is balanced to mix Heroic and Epic styles together. Experienced players can involve themselves in the valorous abilities and tactics of Epic and still have a balanced fight against new players learning Heroic.

Each realm has nine individual card stock figures mounted on a base. Movement and combat in the varied terrain hexes is fuelled by an Action Pool. Combat uses-twelve sided dice that can be modified with Fate Cards. The winner is either the Realm with the last ruler standing or who has filled up their Blood Cauldron up with the sanguine fluid of their enemies!

The War of the Nine Realms is a tactical skirmish game for 2-4 players, aged 10 or above. Game time is 60 minutes and the complexity is 7 ( on a scale of 1-10). Varied board layouts, Heroic and Epic play styles, alternate victory goals, combine to produce a game playable time after time.

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